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563 Packaging and Marking

563.1 General

Wettable packing materials and roots or butts of plants must be wrapped or boxed in a waterproof material. The material must be heavy enough to retain the moisture content needed for the roots of the plants without weakening the strength of the box, and must be able to withstand Postal Service handling without leakage or loss of the packing material or contents. Waterproof material means one of the following:

  1. Tar–centered paper.
  2. Kraft paper waxed on one side.
  3. Kraft paper with a waxed or tarred paper liner.
  4. Plastic wrap.

563.2 Securing Tops of Bundles

The tops of all bundles must be wrapped with a covering of paper, straw, or similar material to protect the plant from injury or drying out. If the plant has thorns or pointed projections, the wrapper must be puncture proof.