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522 Packaging and Markings

522.1 Container Construction

Any container used to mail perishable matter must be constructed to protect and securely contain the contents.

Shipping containers for mailable live animals must, at a minimum, be made of 275-pound test, double-wall, corrugated, weather-resistant fiberboard (W5c) or equivalent. The container must be constructed to prevent escape of the animals while in the mail and to preclude the container and its contents from being crushed in normal handling. USPS-produced packaging, including Flat Rate containers, are not eligible to be used. Additional container requirements apply to mailable adult birds.

522.2 Security and Ventilation

Containers must be constructed to prevent escape of animals, prevent the crushing of the container and contents during normal handling, and provide adequate ventilation for the animals at all times.

522.3 Marking

Each mailpiece must bear a complete return address and be marked on the address side with a description of the contents (e.g., “Live Animals,” “Live Honey Bees,” etc.). A mailpiece marked “If Undeliverable, Abandon” may not be accepted for mailing.