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DMM Reference 601.10.17.6

“Used health care product” means a medical, diagnostic, or research device or piece of equipment, or a personal care product used by consumers, medical professionals, or pharmaceutical providers, that does not meet the definition of a diagnostic specimen, biological product, regulated medical waste, or sharps waste, is contaminated with potentially infectious body fluids or materials, and is not decontaminated or disinfected to remove or mitigate the infectious hazard prior to transport.

Proper Shipping Name


  • International Mail: Prohibited.
  • Domestic Mail: A used health care product known or reasonably suspected to contain a Category A material is not mailable. A used health care product not suspected to contain infectious material, or that is known or suspected to contain Category B infectious substances, and is being returned to the manufacturer or manufacturer's designee, is mailable with Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, or First-Class Package Service.

Required Packaging

  • Each used health care product must be drained of liquid to the extent possible and placed in a watertight primary receptacle designed and constructed to ensure that it remains intact under normal conditions of transport. For a used health care product capable of cutting or penetrating skin or packaging material, the primary receptacle must be capable of retaining the product without puncture of the packaging under normal conditions of transport.
Primary Container
Secondary Container
Outer Shipping Container
  • The secondary container must be placed inside an outer shipping container with sufficient cushioning material to prevent movement between the secondary container and the outer shipping container. An itemized list of the contents of the primary receptacle and information concerning possible contamination with a Division 6.2 material, including its possible location on the product, must be placed between the secondary container and the outer shipping container.