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722 Additional Requirements

722.1 APO/FPO Mail

Hazardous, restricted, or perishable materials mailed to, from, and between overseas military Post Offices are subject to the conditions of IMM 130, the standards in DMM 601, and conditions prescribed by the Department of Defense (DOD), as listed in Conditions Applied to Mail Addressed to Military Post Offices Overseas in the Postal Bulletin. Also see chapter 6 and DMM 703.2 for information on air transportation and other restrictions affecting APOs/FPOs, SAM, and PAL service.

722.2 ZIP Codes Served Only by Air Transportation

Hazardous materials that are prohibited from mailing via air transportation cannot be mailed to any ZIP Code that is serviced only by air transportation (e.g., certain ZIP Codes in Alaska and other islands serviced by air only).

722.3 Air Transportation Prohibitions

The following types of hazardous materials are prohibited from transport via aircraft under any circumstances:

  1. Explosives other than Division 1.4S, small rocket motors, igniters, and safety fuse.
  2. Anything susceptible to damage or that can become harmful because of changes in temperature or atmospheric pressures, unless protected against the effects of such changes.
  3. Magnetic material that has a field strength sufficient to cause a compass deviation at a distance of 7 feet or more from any point on the outer packaging.
  4. Flammable materials (gases, liquids, and solids).
  5. Radioactive materials.
  6. Hazardous materials excluded from air shipment by the regulations of 49 CFR 100-185, or by the applicable country or air carrier operator variations.