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214 Appeals

A mailer who receives an adverse decision from a Postmaster may file a written appeal with the PCSC (see 213 for address), which issues the final agency decision. When an initial ruling is issued by the PCSC, the mailer may appeal to the manager, Product Classification, USPS Headquarters, Washington, DC, who has the authority to render a final decision on the appeal.

A mailer may file a written appeal of a final Postal Service agency decision with the USPS Recorder, Judicial Officer, under the rules of procedure in 39 CFR 953.

Manager, Product Classification
U.S. Postal Service
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW Rm 4446
Washington DC 20260-5015

Judicial Officer
U.S. Postal Service
2101 Wilson Blvd Ste 600
Arlington VA 22201-3078