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742 Live Animals

742.1 Basic Conditions

Most mailable live animals, except honeybees, are permitted to be sent via air transportation. However, the ability of the Postal Service to provide air transportation is dependent on the following:

  1. The animal must be mailable and eligible for transport via air.
  2. All provisions of airline tariffs and air carriers are met.
  3. Air carrier equipment is available to the Postal Service and allows the safe delivery of shipments within specified and reasonable time limits. Time allowance must also be provided for delays en route in air and ground transportation.
  4. Note: Local Postal Service personnel are not authorized to refuse the deposit of mailable live animals that are properly packaged. See 523.

742.2 Bees

Only queen honeybees are permitted to be sent in the domestic mail via air transportation (see 526.2 and Exhibit 526.21).

742.3 Refusal by Air Carrier

Mailpieces refused by an air carrier that contain live animals or other perishable matter, or are suspected to contain perishable matter, must be handled in accordance with 711.