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295 Delivery Address Line

295.1 General

The components of the Delivery Address Line are the primary address number, street name, secondary address identifier, and secondary address range.

Components of delivery address line - primary address number and street name, secondary address identifier, street and number.

Note: In Puerto Rico there are usually no directionals or suffixes. Additionally, most apartment buildings do not have a street address. In this situation, the building name is part of the primary address identifier. If directionals are present in an address, they are part of the street name. Do not translate to directionals.

Do not translate directionals.

295.2 Street Names

Do not abbreviate street names if at all possible. Consult the abbreviation tables prior to making any abbreviation. For matching purposes, eliminating the word CALLE from named streets is recommended. Always print CALLE, AVENIDA, etc. on the mailpiece.

Do not abbreviate street names.

295.3 Numbered Streets

Numbered streets must always contain the word CALLE. This avoids misinterpretation of the delivery information between numbered streets and house numbers.

Numbered streets must always contain the word CALLE.

Note: Do not translate CALLE to the suffix ST. This translation makes the address undeliverable.

295.4 House Numbers

House numbers may have fractional or alphabetic modifiers. To make an address more deliverable because of alphanumeric ranges, place the house number before the street name.

Place the house number before the street name.

Due to the amount of numbers within a block and a house number in Puerto Rico addresses, many identifiers are used to separate address elements, including BLOQUE, NUM, NO, CASA, and LOTE. None of the identifiers are part of the address, and they are not in the AIS files.

Certain rules have to be established to eliminate these identifiers from address files. Placing the house number before the street name is recommended.

When placing alphanumeric house numbers prior to the street name, avoid using hyphens.

Do not use hyphens in alphanumeric house number prior to the street name.

However, hyphens in the address range may be significant. When addresses contain up to three–digit numeric block numbers, it is necessary to include a hyphen.

Use hyphens to indicate ranges.

This process facilitates matching customer files against AIS since hyphens are present in the AIS files.

295.5 Urbanization

Because urbanizations are the most important part of the address, they are abbreviated to URB followed by the urbanization name.

Use URB followed by the urbanization name.

Urbanizations are not repeated within five–digit zones and in most cases are served by one single carrier route. Therefore, a list of urbanization names serves for Five–Digit ZIP Code verification.

Note: Certain urbanizations are known as extensiones, mansiones, repartos, villas, parques, and jardines. When these names are present, there is no need to place the abbreviation URB prior to the name of the urbanization.

Do not place URB prior to urbanization name when known as extensiones, mansiones, repartos, villas, parques, and jardines.

Note: Some areas in Puerto Rico served in urbanizations do not have a street name. The urbanization becomes a street name and is located in the primary identifier of the AIS files.

295.6 Post Office Box

Print Post Office Box addresses as PO BOX on the mailpiece.

Use PO Box for Post Office Box.

PO Box addresses often appear with the words CALLER, CALL BOX, GPO BOX, PO BOX S1190, APTDO, APARTADO, BOX, BUZON. These are changed to PO BOX as output to a mailpiece.

Use PO Box instead of Caller, Call Box, GPO Box, PO Box S-1190, Apartado, Box, Buzon.

In certain areas, the station name appears in the line above the city, state, and ZIP Code. We recommend that it is either eliminated from the output address or relocated, placing PO BOX above the city and state and placing the station name on the line above. Station names are not present on the ZIP+4 file.

Eliminate or relocate station name to above the delivery address line.

295.7 Rural Route

Rural route addresses are output on a mailpiece as RR N BOX NN. Do not use the words RURAL, RUTA RURAL, BUZON, or BZN.

Use RR instead of Rural, Ruta Rural, Buzon, or BZN.

A leading zero before the rural route number is not necessary.

Eliminate leading zero in rural route number.

The designations RFD, RD, and RT (meaning rural route) are changed to RR.

Use RR instead of RFD, RD, and RT meaning rural route.

There should be no additional designations, such as sector names, on the Delivery Address Line of rural addresses. Sector names used together with route and box numbers can create potential matching difficulty. Mailers are encouraged to use only one style of addressing. Eliminate this information in Puerto Rico addresses.

Use only one style of addressing. Remove additional designations, such as sector names on delivery address line.