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E13 Fractional Addresses

All possible fractions are contained within the limits of numeric ranges. Individual fractional addresses should not be coded unless they fall outside of the numeric range or have a different ZIP+4 Code. If the range is 199(O), 13 1/2, 49 1/3, 57 3/4, and 75 1/16 fall within the limits of the range. 99 1/2 does not, nor does 1/2 or any other purely fractional address.

If a fractional address is the beginning or ending number on the blockface, the ZIP+4 file will show a numeric range record and one or more fractional address records that share the same ZIP+4 Code. The address should be ranged to itself (99 1/299 1/2 B). If your fractional address needs to carry a different ZIP+4 Code, it must be pulled out of the numeric range as a separate record.