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D5 Spanish and Other Foreign Words

These are found in Puerto Rico, for example, and are difficult to match. For the purpose of providing as much assistance as possible to standardize Puerto Rico addresses, a complete description of the file format for matching these addresses begins in part 293. Additional information on Spanish words used in primary street names may be found in Appendix H.

For the other address styles mentioned, mailers should be aware that the ZIP+4 file contains these addressing conventions. In most cases, however, unnecessary punctuation and special characters have been removed and are not recommended on a mailpiece.

Alphanumeric address ranges create a challenge for accurate matching. Appendix E provides guidelines for locating and matching alphanumeric ranges (both primary and secondary).

Note: See Appendix I for additional information regarding Addressing Standards for Puerto Rico. See Appendix J for additional information regarding Addressing Standards for U.S. Virgin Islands.