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3-2 Additional Mailing Offices

3-2.1 General

If the organization is already authorized to mail at the Nonprofit Standard Mail (nonprofit) rates at one Post Office, the organization may request authorization to mail eligible material at another Post Office without going through the original application process.

3-2.2 Applying for Authorization

3-2.2.1 PS Form 3623

Request to mail at an additional Post Office by filing PS Form 3623, Application for Nonprofit Standard Mail Rates at Additional Mailing Office (PS Form 3623), with the postmaster at the additional Post Office where the organization seeks to mail at nonprofit rates. (A separate application using PS Form 3623 must be submitted at each desired additional mailing office.) The application is available at any Post Office. The postmaster or the district business mail entry manager can answer questions about completing the form.

Show on this application the exact organization name that the Pricing and Classification Service Center (PCSC) originally approved. (If the organization's name has changed, include official documentation substantiating the change.) If the organization provides its primary authorization number on the PS Form 3623, the postmaster can expedite the additional authorization by telephoning the PCSC.

3-2.2.2 Letter of Request

Attach to PS Form 3623 a letter on the organization's letterhead, signed by a responsible official of the organization, requesting authorization to mail at the additional mailing office(s).

3-2.2.3 Mailing While Application Pending

While the application to mail at nonprofit rates at the additional office is pending, the organization must pay postage at the applicable rates for First-Class Mail or regular Standard Mail rates.

Refunds are not available for mailings entered as First-Class Mail. To qualify for any refund of postage for mailings entered at the regular Standard Mail rates, make arrangements with the postmaster to mail under an advance deposit account while the application is pending.

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