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5-1 Authorized Markings

5-1.1 General

The DMM and the IMM provide information on addressing standards and endorsements required for each class of mail and service. Special markings are also required for certain restricted items. Contact a business mail entry unit for guidance (see DMM G042 for addresses).

As a rule, the following markings are permitted on the outside of a mailing container:

• Return and delivery addresses.

• Ancillary service endorsements for address correction, forwarding, etc.

• Special service endorsements.

• Class of mail marking.

• Handling instructions.

5-1.2 AddressExample of affixing labels to the container to be mailed.

Each package must show a delivery address on the mailing container or on a label affixed to the container. In addition, a return address must be placed in the upper left corner of the container (or address label). The addresses should meet postal address format standards. Publication 28, Postal Addressing Standards, provides detailed information about address formats and requirements.

Inside the mailing container, the names and addresses of the sender and addressee and a description of the enclosed items should be included. This precaution can aid in the delivery of a parcel if the addresses on the outside of the container become unreadable or the items become separated from the container.

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5-1.3 Address Correction and Forwarding

The various ancilliary serviceExample of Address Service Request. endorsements for address correction service and the return and forwarding of parcels are fully described in DMM module F. These endorsements must be placed below the return address in the upper left corner or as allowed in DMM M012.

5-1.4 Class of Mail

The class of mail marking is required for allExample of class mail markings. classes of letters, parcels, and flat-size mail except First-Class Mail with postage affixed (under 13 ounces). Mailpieces that have Standard Mail or Package Services postage affixed but are not marked as such are processed at the higher, First-Class Mail rate as postage-due mail.

The class marking must be placed in the area to the left of the postage and above the delivery address, as shown in the illustrations at right.

5-1.5 Special Services

All markings for any special service requested must be placed above the delivery address and to the right of theExamples of types of special services offered. return address. Special services include the following:

• Certified mail.

• Collect on delivery (COD).

• Delivery confirmation.

• Insured mail.

• Registered mail.

• Restricted delivery.

• Return receipt.

• Return receipt for merchandise.

• Signature confirmation.

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5-1.6 Handling InstructionsExample of handling instruction.

Approved markings that give handling instructions based on the contents of the package are listed in Exhibit 5-1.6, along with guidelines for using these markings. The markings must be placed in the area below the postage but above the addressee's name.

Exhibit 5-1.6

Marking Use
FRAGILE Only on packages containing items that can break (such as glass and electrical appliances)
PERISHABLE Only on packages containing items that can degrade or decompose rapidly (such as meat, produce, plants, and certain chemical samples)
Only on packages containing items protected with stiffeners
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