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Appendix A Package Testing

Appendix A Package Testing

ISTA Test Procedure 1A


International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)

Preshipment Testing

Very Important

ISTA 1 Series Integrity Test Procedure




Product Damage Tolerance and Degradation Allowance


Test Sequence

Equipment Required Vibration

Equipment Required for Shock Test


Identification of Faces, Edges and Corners

Packaged-Product Weight and Size Measurement

Before You Begin Vibration Testing

For Fixed Displacement Vibration:

Vibration Test

Before You Begin Shock Testing

Shock Test


Before You Begin Report

ISTA Transit Tested Program

General Requirements

ISTA Certified Testing Laboratory Information

Product Manufacturer/Shipper Information

Third-party Test Request Information

Test Information

Product Description

Package Description

Packaged-Product Tested

Product Damage Tolerance Criteria

Package Degradation Allowance Criteria

Specific Requirements

Test Results

Test Plan

Test Laboratory Comments

Vibration Test

Shock Test

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