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Appendix A

Package Testing

ISTA Test Procedure 1A


International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)

ISTA, the association for transport packaging, is an international leader in advancing the science of packaging and the use of performance testing techinques. Its member companies are supported in the development of effective packaging, methods, and logistic systems that prevent or reduce transportation and handling damage during product distribution. ISTA test procedures are continuously under review and updated periodically. To ensure that you are utilizing the most recent publication of the test procedure, contact ISTA at:

1400 ABBOTT RD STE 160
EAST LANSING MI 48823-1900

Telephone: 517-333-3437
Fax: 517-333-3813

Test Procedure 1A, Performance Test for Individual Packaged-Products
(150 lb (68.2 kg) or Less), is copyrighted by ISTA and is reprinted here with its permission.

Preshipment Testing

The ISTA Preshipment Test Procedures provide a means for a manufacturer to predetermine the probability of the safe arrival of their packaged products at their destination through the utilization of tests developed to simulate the shocks and stresses normally encountered during handling and transportation. ISTA has confined its technical activities to the packaged product only. Neither the product nor the container is considered separately. The tests, it is stressed, are basic tests. Test level and sequence should be changed to adapt to known distribution situations and these changes are documented in the report.

These test procedures are performance tests and, when properly applied, will provide tangible benefits of reduced damage, economically balanced costs, and improved customer satisfaction. It is also emphasized that these procedures are not intended to evaluate the protection afforded packaged products from other conditions such as moisture, corrosion, contaminating odors, etc. They may or may not comply with carrier requirements for packaging.

To maintain certified status and eligibility for identification with the TRANSIT TESTED seal, each packaged product must be retested whenever a change is made in either the product, the process, or the package. Changes in the packaged product include changes in design, size, and/or material. As a quality control procedure, packaged products should be retested as frequently as feasible.

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