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  DMM TOC > 200 Commercial Mail Letters, Cards, Flats and Parcels > 280 First-Class Package Services

286 Enter and Deposit

1.0 Deposit

1.1 Time and Location of Deposit

First-Class Package Service parcels must be deposited at locations and times designated by the postmaster. Metered mail must be deposited in locations under the jurisdiction of the licensing Post Office except under 604.4.6.3. Permit imprint mail must be deposited under 604.5.0 and 705.

1.2 Approved Collections

[1-17-16] The USPS may collect First-Class Package Service parcels at a mailer's facility if part of an approved collection service for other classes of mail; space is available on the transportation; and:

a. Acceptance and verification are done at the customer’s facility; or

b. Postage is paid with permit imprint under an optional procedure; or

c. Postage is paid with postage evidencing system postage.

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2.0 Verification

[1-17-16] Mailings are subject to USPS procedures to verify correct postage payment. The return of mailings to the mailer's facility for reworking is the mailer's responsibility.