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Customer Support Ruling


Cobundling Multiple Periodicals Publications
Revised February 2014

PS-325 (705.11)

This Customer Support Ruling explains when mailers may comail and/or co-palletize Periodicals non-machinable flats that are no more than 3/4 inch thick that weigh over 20 ounces and up to 24 ounces along with Periodicals machinable flats.

Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 705.11 provides that mailers may comail and/or copalletize automation (barcoded) and presorted (nonbarcoded) flats when all of the pieces are machinable. The criteria in the DMM states in part, that the maximum weight for automation Periodicals flats is 20 ounces.

This ruling allows mailers to include in bundles of machinable flats a small percentage of pieces that weigh up to 24 ounces maximum. Specifically, we will allow up to 25% of pieces in the non-carrier route portion of the comail pool to weigh more than 20 ounces up to 24 ounces and be comailed under DMM 705.11. The pieces weighing over 20 ounces must meet all other standards for automation compatible flats.

In addition to the required standardized documentation for Periodicals, for each comail pool containing comailed flats over 20 ounces, mailers must provide acceptance personnel a “version summary report” that includes the publication titles, edition codes, copy weights, number of pieces by editions, total copies in the pool, and an indicator showing which titles and/or editions weigh more than 20 ounces but not over 24 ounces.


Lizbeth J. Dobbins
Product Classification
Headquarters, US Postal Service
Washington DC 20260-5015