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Customer Support Ruling


Cartons Used for the Convenience of Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped Persons
Updated October 1996

PS-016 (703.5.2.1)

This Customer Support Ruling provides a determination on the mailability of shipping cartons as Free Matter for the Blind and Other Physically Handicapped Persons.

Congress provides for the payment of postage on certain matter mailed for the blind and other physically handicapped persons who cannot use or read conventionally printed material.  However, the materials which may be mailed and conditions under which they may be mailed are controlled by law.

In accordance with the provisions of Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 703.5.2.1, paper and other materials which are used for the production of reading matter may be mailed free of postage under specifically prescribed conditions when they are for the use of the blind or other persons who, because of physical impairment, are certified by a competent authority as unable to read conventionally printed material.

Collapsed cardboard shipping cartons which are to be used for the conveyance of Braille and sight-saving books are subject to the applicable Parcel Post rates of postage when mailed by themselves.  However, when Braille or sight-saving books are mailed free of postage as Free Matter for the Blind or Other Physically Handicapped Persons, no postage is required on the cartons in which they are enclosed. 

Anita J. Bizzotto
Mailing Standards
United States Postal Service
Washington DC 20260-3436