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Customer Support Rulings

  April 2016

We created Customer Support Rulings (CSRs) to help Postal Service employees and customers use the information in Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM). The CSRs provide examples of specific mailpieces and an analysis of how our mailing standards are applied.

We publish CSRs when needed; new CSRs are announced in DMM Advisory. We delete or consolidate CSRs as mailing standards change. Below is the complete list of active CSRs.

If you have any questions, please contact your local manager of business mail entry.

April 2016PeriodicalsAdvertising in Periodicals IssuesPS-241207.6
July 2015OtherLetter and Flat Tray Strapping SpecificationsPS-345203.4.0
May 2015PeriodicalsRequester Records - PeriodicalsPS-054207.6.4
May 2015OtherService HubsPS-344705
January 2015First-Class MailMLOCR FCM Bundle Based Flats OptionPS-343705.23
July 2014PeriodicalsRequester Subscription with Premium OffersPS-009207.6.4.2
July 2014PeriodicalsMeasurement of Advertising MatterPS-012207.17.2.2
July 2014PeriodicalsReader Service CardsPS-034207.3.3.4
July 2014PeriodicalsAdvertising Matter - PeriodicalsPS-047207.4.12.1
July 2014PeriodicalsFiling Monthly Postage StatementsPS-063207.17.3
July 2014PeriodicalsIn-County Rates - PeriodicalsPS-069207.11.3
July 2014PeriodicalsProduction of Printed Sheets - Periodicals PS-070207.4.4
July 2014PeriodicalsPublications of Institutions and Societies with General Advertising - Periodicals PS-071207.6.2
July 2014PeriodicalsEnvelopes in Periodicals PublicationsPS-078207.3.3
July 2014PeriodicalsAlternative Methods of Substantiating Payments for Subscriptions - PeriodicalsPS-085207.6.1.2
July 2014PeriodicalsAdvertisements Printed on Plastic Wrappers - PeriodicalsPS-104207.3.3
July 2014PeriodicalsNonsubscriber Copies - In-County RatesPS-122207.7.9.3
July 2014PeriodicalsNominal Rate Subscriptions - PeriodicalsPS-132207.6
July 2014PeriodicalsSimilar Newspapers or Other Publications - PeriodicalsPS-141207.6
July 2014PeriodicalsPage Headings - PeriodicalsPS-143207.4.13
July 2014PeriodicalsPages and Advertising Content of Requester CopiesPS-147207.6.4.1
July 2014PeriodicalsExpired Subscriptions - PeriodicalsPS-153207.7.6
July 2014PeriodicalsPostage for Periodicals Paid at Other Than Periodicals Rates - PeriodicalsPS-186207
July 2014PeriodicalsPrivileges of Pending Periodicals PublicationsPS-211207.5
July 2014PeriodicalsSimplified Form of Address and Exceptional Address Format - PeriodicalsPS-223207.6.2
July 2014PeriodicalsCirculation Standards for General Publications - PeriodicalsPS-228207.6.1.2
July 2014PeriodicalsMultilayer Pages in Periodicals Publications - Periodicals PS-234207.3.3.1
July 2014PeriodicalsQuestionnaires/Order Forms - PeriodicalsPS-239207.3.3
July 2014PeriodicalsVerification of CirculationPS-248207.8
July 2014PeriodicalsQuestionnaires/Reader's Profile - PeriodicalsPS-250207.4.12
July 2014PeriodicalsAdvertiser Index Page - PeriodicalsPS-251207.4.12
July 2014PeriodicalsFragrance and Cosmetic Advertisements in Periodicals PublicationsPS-273207.3
July 2014PeriodicalsClassroom Rate PublicationsPS-278207.10.4.2
July 2014PeriodicalsKnown Office of Publication Change Within Same Jurisdiction or Ownership ChangePS-285207.9
July 2014PeriodicalsTitles on Editions of Periodicals PublicationsPS-286207.4.11.1
July 2014Standard MailLotteries - RafflesPS-307601.9.3
July 2014PeriodicalsAttachments to the Covers of Unbound Periodicals PublicationsPS-311207.3.3.8
July 2014PeriodicalsRevenue Deficiencies on Inserts to Periodicals PublicationsPS-313207.3.4.2
July 2014PeriodicalsAgents for Foreign Periodicals PublicationsPS-316207.6.6
July 2014PeriodicalsAttachments to Bound Periodicals Publications - PeriodicalsPS-326207.3.3.8
July 2014Hazardous MaterialsMailing Compact Fluorescent LampsPS-330601.8
July 2014Hazardous MaterialsMailing Flammable and Combustible Liquids That Do Not Sustain CombustionPS-331601.8
July 2014PeriodicalsMobile Barcodes (QR Codes) Printed in Periodicals PublicationsPS-338207.3.6
July 2014PeriodicalsSealed See-through Pouches in Periodicals PublicationsPS-339207.3.3
June 2014First-Class MailDouble Post CardsPS-005201.1.2.8
June 2014Standard MailWritten Additions PS-006243.2.6
June 2014Media MailLoose Leaf Pages - Media MailPS-010273.3
June 2014Media MailObjective Test Materials - Media MailPS-017273.3.1
June 2014Media MailManuscripts - Media MailPS-018273.3.1
June 2014First-Class MailPostcard Size Pieces Bearing AttachmentsPS-020201.1.2
June 2014Library MailLibrariesPS-022273
June 2014Standard MailPay to Bearer ChecksPS-026243.2
June 2014First-Class MailComputer Prepared Mortgage Payment CardsPS-031233.2.2
June 2014First-Class MailSealed EnvelopesPS-044243.3.2.5
June 2014Media MailManuals - Media MailPS-045273.3.1
June 2014Media MailBooks - Media Mail PS-064273.3.1
June 2014Media MailBook Advertisements - Media MailPS-072273.3.1
June 2014First-Class MailOld LettersPS-091233.2.4
June 2014Package ServicesSealing of Package Services MatterPS-100273.2.3
June 2014Media MailMotor Common Carrier Tariffs - Media MailPS-102273.3.1
June 2014Hazardous MaterialsMailability of Live AnimalsPS-106601.8
June 2014Media MailCopyright Material - Media MailPS-109273.3.1
June 2014Library MailScientific Instruments - Library MailPS-112273.4.3
June 2014First-Class MailAlumni Records - Computer GeneratedPS-154233.2.3
June 2014Standard MailACME Trading Company Catalog - 'Keycode' and 'Customer Number'PS-159243.2.2
June 2014First-Class MailDrivers' Licenses, Motor Vehicle Registrations, and TitlesPS-160233.2.3
June 2014First-Class MailPostcard PricesPS-189201.1.2
June 2014First-Class MailInterest StatementsPS-210233.2.3
June 2014Media MailBooks and Charts - Media MailPS-213273.3
June 2014First-Class MailStock CertificatesPS-222233.2.4
June 2014First-Class MailIdentification CardsPS-227233.2.3
June 2014Bound Printed MatterCalendars - Bound Printed MatterPS-232263.3.1
June 2014First-Class MailBirth Registration Notification FormsPS-235233.2.3
June 2014Media MailAtlas - Media Mail PS-236273.3.1
June 2014Standard MailRenewal NoticesPS-238243.2.2
June 2014Standard MailDonation SolicitationPS-262243.2.2
June 2014Standard MailPoints ProgramsPS-275243.2.2
June 2014Standard MailMultiple Entry Discounts in a Single Mailing - Standard Mail PS-295246.2.2
June 2014Standard MailStandard ParcelsPS-312240
June 2014First-Class MailSealing of Double Post CardsPS-315201.1.2
June 2014Standard MailCustomer Markings PS-317243.2
June 2014Standard MailAdvertising for Services PS-318243.2.2
June 2014First-Class MailChecksPS-319233.2.3
June 2014Standard MailHybrid Coupon/Checks PS-320243.2
June 2014First-Class MailAnnual Mailings by Credit Card Issuers Organizing All Account TransactionsPS-321233.2.3
June 2014First-Class MailDonation Solicitation/Previous Donation ReceiptPS-322233.2
June 2014Standard MailComputer-Prepared Mailpieces Entered by Authorized Nonprofit MailersPS-323243.2.2
June 2014Standard MailPersonal Information in 'Advocacy' Mailings Entered at Standard Mail RatesPS-324243.2.2
June 2014Media MailComputer Readable-Media Eligibility for Media Mail PricesPS-334273.3.2i
June 2014Priority MailMeasuring Priority Mail Dimensions to Determine Dimensional WeightPS-340223.1.7
February 2014PeriodicalsCobundling Multiple Periodicals PublicationsPS-325705.11
August 2012OtherCompany Permit ImprintPS-342604.5.3
June 2012Standard MailOptional Pallet Preparation and Labeling for Mailings of Nonmachinable, Nonbarcoded Carrier Route Letters or Flats with In-Home DeliveryPS-341705.8
February 2012OtherUnopened ParcelsPS-177508.1.1.3
February 2012OtherEmbossed Permit ImprintsPS-280604.5.3
September 2011Standard MailPallets Containing Simplified Addressed MailpiecesPS-337705.8
April 2011Standard MailIdentification of Nonprofit Standard Mail MatterPS-336703.1.5
August 2010Mixed ClassesRepositionable Notes Application for Destination Delivery Unit Carrier-route Newspapers and FlatsPS-335705.21
June 2009Standard MailCooperative Mail Fundraising ExceptionPS-333703.1.6
September 2008OtherSmall Flat Odd-Shaped Items in Envelopes at Automation Letter PricesPS-328201.3.10
June 2014Standard MailPersonal InformationPS-332243.2.2
March 2010OtherPackaging Books, Bound Printed Matter, and Similar Printed MatterPS-329601.3
March 2010OtherPreparing and Labeling Low Volume PalletsPS-327705.8.5.3
January 2006Standard MailState Committee of a Political Party - Nonprofit Standard MailPS-055703.1.6
January 2006Standard MailMaterials Furnished to an Authorized Nonprofit Organization Mailable at the Nonprofit Standard Mail Rates PS-120703.1.6
January 2006Standard MailIdentification of Nonprofit Standard Mail Matter (a.k.a. and d.b.a.)PS-124703.1.5
January 2006Standard MailPolitical Action Committee - Nonprofit Standard Mail PS-128703.1.3
January 2006Standard Mail'Celebrity' Names on Nonprofit Standard MailPS-140703.1.5
January 2006Standard MailCooperative MailingsPS-209703.1.6
January 2006Standard MailSpecial-Event Fundraising Mailings - Nonprofit Standard MailPS-233703.1.6.3
January 2006Standard MailCharge Card Advertisements - Nonprofit Standard MailPS-257703.1.6
January 2006Standard MailCharitable Gift Annuities - Nonprofit Standard MailPS-294703.1.6
January 2006Standard MailTravel Arrangements - Nonprofit Standard MailPS-298703.1.6.4
January 2006Standard MailMembership Benefits - Nonprofit Standard Mail (Permissible References)PS-299703.1.6.7
January 2006Standard MailMembership Benefits - Labor Unions and Similar Organizations (Permissible References)PS-304703.1.6.7
January 2006Standard MailTravel Arrangements - Recreational or Religious EventPS-305703.1.6.4
January 2006Standard MailMaterials Mailed by Voting Registration Officials - Nonprofit Standard Mail PS-310703.1.3.3
January 2006Standard MailAuthorization to Mail at Nonprofit Rates for Affiliated (Umbrella) OrganizationsPS-314703.1.6
September 2005OtherSplit Bundles of Flat-Size and Irregular Parcel Mailpieces PS-308705.8.9.4
May 2003AddressingOccupant AddressesPS-048602.3
March 2003Mixed ClassesPeriodicals Publications with Printed Standard Mail EnclosuresPS-306703.9.3
July 2001Mixed ClassesDetermining the Classification of Mail: Host Piece TestPS-303703.9
April 2001Extra ServicesReturn Receipt for Merchandise (RRM) Service for DocumentsPS-288503.8.2.2
April 2001AddressingDelivery Stop Information Updates for Simplified Address Periodicals, Standard Mail, and BPM PS-300602.3.2
March 2001OtherMailer EndorsementsPS-142507.1.5
March 2001Extra ServicesInsured MailPS-171503.4
March 2001Extra ServicesInsurance for Airline TicketsPS-287503.4
July 1997Standard MailDocumentation to Support ECR Mailings Prepared in Walk Sequence using CDSPS-293708.3.5
October 1996Free MatterFree Matter for the Blind or Other Physically Handicapped Persons - Extra ServicesPS-013703.5
October 1996Free MatterMaterials Mailable as Free Matter for the Blind or HandicappedPS-014703.5
October 1996Free MatterUnsealed Letters and Other Items Mailable as Free Matter for the Blind or HandicappedPS-015703.5.3.1
October 1996Free MatterCartons Used for the Conveyance of Free Matter for the Blind or HandicappedPS-016703.5.2.1
October 1996AddressingSimplified Address - Governmental Bodies and OrganizationsPS-032602.3.2
October 1996Free MatterMinimum Type Size - Free Matter for the Blind or HandicappedPS-046703.5
October 1996AddressingAdvertising on Detached Address LabelsPS-049602.4.2
October 1996Business Reply MailBusiness Reply Mail Cards, Envelopes and LabelsPS-086507.9
October 1996Free MatterLibrary Order Forms - Free Matter for the Blind or HandicappedPS-108703.5
October 1996OtherUnauthorized EndorsementsPS-178507.1.5.3
October 1996Free MatterTranscribers - Free Matter for the Blind or HandicappedPS-194703.5.2.1
October 1996OtherMail Addressed to PrisonersPS-206507.1.4.1
October 1996OtherPrecanceled and Unprecanceled StampsPS-225604.1.2
October 1996Free MatterUnsealed Letters Sent by Blind or Other Handicapped PersonsPS-254703.5
October 1996AddressingSaturation Requirements for Detached Address Label MailingsPS-276602.4.1.2
October 1996Free MatterSubscription Order Forms - Free Matter for the BlindPS-277703.5
May 1995OtherTorn Postage StampsPS-281604.1.3
July 1993Free MatterForwarding of Mail Marked as Free Matter for the Blind or HandicappedPS-041703.5
July 1993OtherUnited States Postage StampsPS-081604.1.4
July 1993Free MatterEligibility of Blind or Other Handicapped PersonsPS-107703.5
July 1993Business Reply MailBusiness Reply MailPS-243507.9.4.3
July 1993Express MailExpress Mail Reship ServicePS-264507.6.6
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