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Customer Support Ruling


Travel Arrangements – Nonprofit Standard Mail
UPDATED January 2006

PS-298 (703.1.6.4)

This Customer Support Ruling discusses the eligibility of a travel arrangement advertisement in a mailing at the Nonprofit Standard Mail rates of postage.

This case study is of a mailpiece, specifically a newsletter, that contained material the accepting post office determined was a restricted “travel arrangement” advertisement.

Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 703.1.6.4c provides that Nonprofit Standard Mail rates may not be used for the entry of material that advertises, promotes, offers, or, for a fee or consideration, recommends, describes, or announces the availability of any travel arrangement, unless the organization promoting the arrangement is authorized to mail at the Nonprofit Standard Mail rates at the entry post office; the travel contributes substantially (aside from the cultivation of members, donors, or supporters, or the acquisition of income or funds) to one or more of the purposes that constitute the basis for the organization’s authorization to mail at the Nonprofit Standard Mail rates; and the arrangement is designed for and primarily promoted to the members, donors, supporters, or beneficiaries of that organization.

The mailpiece meets the content requirements of a periodical and contains a paid advertisement of an “Old Town Tour.”  Advertising is permitted in material that meets the content requirements of a periodical except for restricted or prohibited advertising of a travel arrangement, insurance, or financial instruments such as debit, credit, or charge cards.  Generally, the Postal Service does not consider such an announcement as a “travel arrangement” unless, whether implied or stated, accommodations, transportation, and a destination are included.  The tour is a day-trip that includes transportation and a destination.   Since the arrangement does not include accommodations, it is not considered a travel arrangement.  The mailpiece is eligible for the Nonprofit Standard Mail rates.


Sherry Suggs
Mailing Standards
United States Postal Service
Washington DC 20260-3436