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Customer Support Ruling


Interest Statements
July 2005

PS-210 (233.2.3)

This Customer Support Ruling determines whether two computer-generated “interest statements” contain “personal information” and are mailable only at First-Class Mail or Express Mail rates.

This ruling pertains to the classification of two computer generated forms that are prepared by a bank.

One form shows the message "Listed below is the interest paid on your loan account at our bank," an account number, amount of the interest paid, and the customer's name and address.  The other form, which is identified as 1099-INT ("Statement for Recipients of Interest Income - 1988"), shows the name of the bank, recipient's identifying number, the amount of interest earned, and the customer's name and address.

Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 233.2.3*, prescribes that matter containing personal information must be mailed as First-Class Mail (or Express Mail).  Personal information is any information specific to the addressee.

The forms, each of which is intended for a specific individual with information showing the interest paid on a loan account or the amount of interest earned, contain “personal information" and are, therefore, subject to the First-Class Mail or Express Mail rate of postage.

See also DMM 133.3, 333.2, and 433.2.

Sherry Suggs
Mailing Standards
United States Postal Service
Washington DC 20260-3436