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Customer Support Ruling


Reentry and Additional Entry Fees
Updated July 2014

PS-076 (207.9)

This CSR discusses reentry and additional entry fees when the geographic area of an authorized entry is modified.

Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 207.9 provides that when a publisher files an application for reentry because of a change in title, frequency of issuance, office of publication, or for other reasons, the current reentry fee must be paid.

The re-entry fee is also applicable when the geographic area served by one or more entries is being modified at one time so long as no new additional entry points are being established.

If an additional entry authorization is canceled and all of the copies of a publication are then mailed at the original entry office, the reentry fee applies and must be paid for modifying the original entry so as to include the copies formerly mailed at the additional entry office.

The additional entry fee is applicable for establishing an additional entry, even though the additional entry being applied for modifies one or more additional entries previously approved.

The current fees for reentry and additional entry are listed in Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) 207.1.4.

Sherry Suggs