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Postal Links

USPS Manifest Mailing Quick Response Team contact document is available in PDF or HTML. This file lists the Manifest Mailing Quick Response Team by area and district with the phone number and service area of each team. These team members will assist you with setting up your manifest mailing system and answer questions you may have about the program.

Additional USPS business publications.

Network Distribution Center
Includes individual NDC ZIP Code service areas, service standards, plant locations, phone numbers, acceptance hours, and weather alerts.

Direct Mail Advertising
Learn how to increase your business using advertising mail.

International products, services, and supplies.

MailPro is a free bimonthly publication of news for mailing professionals. It contains information on current Postal Service programs and services, rates and classification, mailing success stories, and industry news.

National Customer Support Center
Address Information Systems (AIS) products; address services including Move Updates, Address Change Service (ACS), and National Change of Address Services (NCOA); addressing publications; and certification programs for CASS, PAVE, and POSTNET barcodes.

Rapid Information Bulletin Board (RIBBS)
Includes links to information for major mailers including a listing of approved polywrap products and manufactures.

Postal Locator
     Address Management Systems
     Business Mail Entry
     Mailpiece Design Analyst
     Post Offices
     Postal Inspection Service

ZIP Code Lookup and Address Quality
ZIP+4 Code Lookup, Frequently Asked Questions about ZIP+4 Lookup and Address Information, and Official Address Abbreviations.

Periodicals Nonsubscriber Percentage Calculator
A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that enables publishers to track a publication's mailings of subscribers and nonsubscribers copies and percentages for a calendar year.