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Additional Resources

Mailpiece Design Publications, Electronic Templates and Plastic Templates


Domestic Mail Manual (DMM)
The DMM contains the official standards governing domestic mail services; descriptions of the mail classes and special services, and standards for rate eligibility and mail preparation.

You can view an electronic version of the Domestic Mail Manual on the Postal Explorer Home Page.

Pub 95, Quick Service Guide
This publication contains a collection of 62 individual Quick Service Guides. Each Quick Service Guide provides a 2-page summary of the standards in the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM). The Quick Service Guides summarize the mailing standards for a particular class of mail or preparation option and links to the DMM. You can view electronic versions of the Quick Service Guides on the Postal Explorer Home Page.

The following QSGs contain mailpiece design information. Click on links to view the PDF or HTML files:

Physical Standards 
201 Physical Standards for Commercial Letters and Postcards PDF or HTML
201a Designing Letters and Cards for Automated Processing PDF or HTML
201b Using Tabs, Wafer Seals, and Glue Strips PDF or HTML
201c Physical Standards for Commercial Flats PDF or HTML
201d Designing Flats for Automated Processing PDF or HTML
201e Physical Standards for Commercial Parcels PDF or HTML
201f Designing Parcels for Automated Processing PDF or HTML

Extra Services 
505 Business Reply Mail (BRM) PDF or HTML
201c Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) PDF or HTML
604e Meter Reply Mail (MRM) PDF or HTML


Electronic Templates

Business Reply Mail (BRM) and Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) Templates

These letter-size and card-size templates are for use by graphics designers using Adobe Illustrator® or Macromedia Freehand®. Adobe Illustrator® templates are available for both Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. Micromedia Freehand® templates are available for Macintosh only. Download a template, add your permit number, delivery address, and barcode to create a BRM or CRM mailpiece in minutes. View-only files are available for use with Acrobat Reader.


Plastic Templates

Notice 67, Automation Letters Template
A multi-purpose template for determining the automation compatibility of letter-size mailpieces. This clear plastic overlay simplifies address placement. It identifies the barcode clear zone and includes positioning marks for facing identification mark (FIM) patterns. The template contains a POSTNET barcode decoder, and other automation readability features, including character height and spacing gauges. Notice 67 is available through your Business Mail Entry Office and larger post offices.

Notice 3A
Use Notice 3A to determine if your mailpiece meets the dimensions for letter-size mail. A handy "slot" on the template measures maximum thickness. The template also indicates the aspect ratio (length divided by height) requirements for automated processing. Notice 3A is available through your Business Mail Entry Office and larger post offices.


Download Adobe Acrobat Reader