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Business Mail 101 - Sorting Your Mail
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Tips for Filling Out a Postage Statement

  1. To access a read-only version of any postage statement, click on "Postage Statements" in the left tool bar on the Postal Explorer home page.
  1. Click here for instructions for filling out Form 3602-EZ for Standard Mail cards, letters, and flats.
  1. Destination entry discounts. You can get better prices by taking your mail to certain postal facilities. These are called destination entry prices. Most small mailers drop their mail at the local Post Office and do not qualify for destination entry discounts. However, if you happen to hold your permit at a postal facility that is also a sectional center facility, you may be able to qualify for these prices. Ask at your local Post Office if you could qualify for these lower prices.
  1. Choosing the right price. The back of a postage statement lists many different postage prices. These represent all of the different discounts for automating your mail and for entering the mail at different postal facilities. But be careful: You can’t just pick the price you want from the back of the postage statement. You must pay the price that your mail qualifies for. As you’re looking at the back of the postage statement you’ll see lots of prices, some of them less than the price you’re paying. But remember: Getting a lower postage price means that you’re doing more work. Some of the requirements for those lower postage prices may mean more work than you’re willing to do. Investigate your options and cost it out.
  1. Heavier Standard Mail pieces (over 3.3 ounces) pay a per piece charge plus a per pound charge. The business mail entry clerk can help you calculate this.
  1. If you want to keep a copy of your postage statement for your records, make a copy to take with you to the Post Office.