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Business Mail 101 - Permits and Postage
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Annual Mailing Fee

Regardless of the method of postage payment you chose, if you mail in bulk you must pay an annual mailing fee. This fee is separate from any other application fees or account deposits. There is no special form to fill out each year when renewing the fee.

Paying the annual mailing fee gives you permission to mail a certain class of mail from a certain postal facility for 365 days. For instance, you would need to have two different permits to mail presorted First-Class Mail and Standard Mail bulk mailings from the same office.

You cannot mail in bulk at commercial prices until you pay your annual mailing fee. However, mailers presenting full-service automation mailings for First-Class Mail, Standard Mail letters and flats, or Bound Printed Matter flats (with 90 percent or more qualifying pieces), may have their annual mailing fee waived under specific permits. Your business mail entry office can provide more information on discounts.

Mailing From More Than One Place

Generally, you must hold a mailing permit and pay an annual mailing fee at every Post Office where you want to enter and pay for your mail.

-You don’t have to pay your annual mailing fee until you bring in your first mailing. The annual mailing fee is good for 365 days from the day you pay it. If you’re not doing your first mailing for, say, 5 weeks, wait to pay this fee until you take your first mailing to the Post Office. This buys you five more weeks of mailing on the other end of the 365 days!

Mailing Permit

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Postage Meter

Permit Imprint

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