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S Module, Special Services


S000 Miscellaneous Services

S010 Indemnity Claims

S020 Money Orders and Other Services

S070 Mixed Classes

S500 Special Services for Express Mail

S900 Special Postal Services
S910 Security and Accountability

S911 Registered Mail

S912 Certified Mail

S913 Insured Mail

S914 Certificate of Mailing

S915 Return Receipt

S916 Restricted Delivery

S917 Return Receipt for Merchandise

S918 Delivery Confirmation

S919 Signature Confirmation

S920 Convenience

S921 Collect on Delivery (COD) Mail

S922 Business Reply Mail (BRM)

S923 Merchandise Return Service

S924 Bulk Parcel Return Service

S930 Handling

S940 Mailpiece Information

S941 Confirm Service

DMM Issue 58 (8-10-03)