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About Postal Explorer

What is Postal Explorer?

What tools are on the Postal Explorer website?

What publications are on the Postal Explorer website?

What is Postal Explorer?
Postal Explorer is a virtual library of postal information and tools designed for US Postal Service customers, business mailers, and employees. It puts a wealth of postal information for mailing and shipping Domestically, Internationally, and to APO/FPO/DPO destinations, at your fingertips in an easy-to-use format.

It's almost like having a full shelf of these publications - only better. Better because you only have to enter a word or phrase in the powerful search feature which lets you quickly find information in a single publication or across a range of publications. You can also view an individual publication by clicking on the publication title.

Postal Explorer is more than a reference guide. It's a mailer's toolbox that gives you the tools to design a mailing program that best suits your needs. This exciting information tool is part of the Postal Service's continuing effort to make using the mail system easier and simpler for all customers. It was developed in direct response to what you have told us, both informally and through customer surveys, about your postal information needs. It affords an unprecedented opportunity for mailers to draw on the same information used by postal employees - - with ease, speed, and convenience.

What tools are on the Postal Explorer website?

Domestic Price Calculator
The Domestic Price Calculator lets you calculate postage for domestic mail. All you do is fill in a few on-screen blanks, and Postal Explorer does the rest.

International Price Calculator
The International Price Calculator lets you calculate postage for international mail. All you do is fill in a few on-screen blanks, and Postal Explorer does the rest.

APO/FPO/DPO Restrictions Tool
Mail addressed to military and diplomatic post office ZIP Codes overseas is subject to certain conditions or mailing restrictions regarding content, preparation, and handling. This APO/FPO/DPO Restrictions Tool provides information specific to an individual APO/FPO/DPO (Air/Army Post Office, Fleet Post Office or Diplomatic Post Office) ZIP Code.

Postal Zone Charts
Postal Zone Charts display and print postal zone information specific to the first 3-digits of a ZIP Code or you may enter two five-digit ZIP Codes for specific origin and destination zone information.

Customs Forms Indicator
By entering information such as destination, weight of package, and mail service, this tool will provide you the number of the Customs Declaration Form needed for the item you are mailing, based on the customs rules relevant to your shipment. From your results, you can link directly to the necessary customs forms, enter your information electronically, and submit, all from the comfort of your computer.

Conversion Calculator
You know kilograms and centimeters, but to mail in the United States, the US Postal Service uses pounds and inches. The Conversion Calculator can quickly and easily convert your weights and measurements into American Standard.

What publications are on the Postal Explorer website?

Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) PDF or HTML
The Domestic Mail Manual contains the basic USPS standards for domestic mail services; a description of and requirements for each mail classes, special services, and ancillary services and conditions governing their use and the standards for price eligibility and mail preparation.

Price List (Notice 123) PDF or HTML
The Price List is a booklet that contains all domestic prices and fees in a concise and accessible manner. Additionally, the Price List contains the most widely used international services. This is a convenient reference tool when you are not at a computer.

International Mail Manual (IMM) PDF or HTML
The International Mail Manual contains the basic USPS standards for international mail services; a description postage prices, classification and regulations for international mail.

Quick Service Guides PDF or HTML
Quick Service Guides provide a 2-page overview of the standards for a particular postal price, service, or preparation method. The first side typically summarizes prices, eligibility, and other standards, the second side typically summarizes mail preparation standards and or overviews of mailpiece design and other information. For ease-of-use, the Quick Service Guides are linked to further details in the Domestic Mail Manual.

Customer Support Rulings (CSR) HTML
Customer Support Rulings are to be used in conjunction with the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) standards. They were created to assist postal personnel and customers with interpreting, clarifying, and applying the meaning of the standards contained in the DMM. Because they are based on requirements current at the time of issuance, future rulings may supplement, amend, or supersede the present rulings.

Postal Addressing Standards (Pub. 28) PDF or HTML
Postal Addressing Standards describes standardized address formats for mail. Developed by the Postal Service and the mailing industry, standardized addresses enhance mail processing and delivery while reducing undeliverable-as-addressed mail. This publication includes standard abbreviations for streets, counties, highways, and business terms. It also includes Address Information Systems products and services.

Nonprofit Standard Mail Eligibility (Pub. 417) PDF or HTML
Nonprofit Standard Mail Eligibility discusses eligibility, authorization, and mailing standards for the Nonprofit Standard Mail prices. It explains the categories or organizations that are eligible for the prices, how to request authorization, and how to determine whether a mailing meets the general standards for the prices. The publication also contains case studies and questions and answers about applying the content-based restrictions.