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Quick Service Guide 707c
Special Standards
Periodicals—In-County Rates/Preferred Rates

January 2006
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Eligibility Standards (707.11.3)

In-County rates apply to subscriber copies of any issue of a Periodicals publication (except a requester publication) when the copies are entered within the county in which the post office of original entry is located for delivery to addresses within that county, under either of these two conditions:

  • The total paid circulation of such issue is less than 10,000 copies.
  • The number of paid copies of such issue distributed within the county of publication is more than 50 percent of the total paid circulation of such issue.

The simplified and exceptional address formats are prohibited on Periodicals publications intended to count as subscribers or requesters copies. (602.3.1.2)


Preferred Rates (707.11.3)

Preferred rates include:

  • In-County
  • Nonprofit
  • Classroom
  • Science-of-Agriculture


Nonsubscriber Copies (707.11.3)

For a calendar year, the total number of nonsubscriber copies mailed at In-County rates may not exceed 10 percent of the number of subscriber copies mailed at In-County rates.

For publications authorized for preferred rates and for publications authorized for both Regular and In-County rates and/or Science-of-Agriculture rates, once the total number of nonsubscriber copies mailed for the calendar year (regardless of rate) exceeds 10 percent of the total number of copies mailed to subscribers during the calendar year, further mailings of nonsubscriber copies are not eligible for any preferred rate including In-County rates.

A mailing is not eligible for any Periodicals rate if it consists entirely of nonsubscribers over the 10 percent limit of the total number of copies mailed to subscribers during the calendar year.



To help publishers maintain compliance with the Periodicals nonsubscriber copies 10 percent requirement, a Nonsubscriber Percentage Calculator Spreadsheet is available through Postal Explorer. To access this form, click on "Postal Links" in the upper left frame of the Postal Explorer Home Page and then select "Nonsubscriber Percentage Calculator." The template is available as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


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