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553 How to Mail

553.1 Preparation by Sender

553.11 Marking

The endorsement referred to in 551 must be properly completed and signed by the exporter or an authorized representative over his or her title. The Priority Mail International forms accompanying applicable parcels should be completed by the sender to indicate that the parcels are to be abandoned in case of nondelivery.

553.12 Certificate of Mailing Dried Whole Eggs
553.121 Type of Certificate

A certificate as shown in Exhibit 553.121, prepared and completed by the sender, must be presented with all shipments described in 551.

Exhibit 553.121 

Certificate of Mailing Dried Whole Eggs

Certificate of Mailing Dried Whole Eggs

553.122 Single Certificate

A single certificate may cover any number of parcels mailed by the same sender even though addressed to different countries.

553.2 Processing in Office of Mailing

553.21 Postage

Postage to cover the charge for the certificate of mailing dried whole eggs must be affixed to the certificate and canceled by the postmark of the office of mailing.

553.22 Signature of Postmaster

After postmarking, the certificate should be signed by the postmaster or an authorized representative and returned to the sender.