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224 Mail Preparation

224.1 Preparation by Sender

Prior to mailing, the sender must do the following:

  1. Complete the “From” and “To” portions of Label 11-B, Express Mail Post Office to Addressee, or the online label for each piece of mail and affix the completed label to each piece.
  2. Prepare and affix the appropriate customs form to the piece of mail. For required customs forms, see the Individual Country Listings for countries that offer Express Mail International service.

224.2 Preparation by Acceptance Employee

Prior to acceptance, employees must do the following:

  1. Check the address label to ensure that the sender has completed the “From” and “To” portions.
  2. Verify that the customer has properly completed the appropriate customs form, if required.
  3. Enter the originating facility ZIP Code, date and time received, weight, merchandise insurance fee (if applicable see 222.61 and 222.62), total postage, and initials. Ensure that the correct amount of postage is affixed to the mailpiece.
  4. Give the Customer Receipt copy to the mailer and retain the Finance Copy. Peel off the backing of the remaining portion and affix it to the item. For online shipments, customer receipts are not necessary; for non-IRT or non-POS offices, record the required finance information on the special form provided for this purpose.
  5. After acceptance, place each item in the appropriate working pouch and forward it to the international exchange office authorized to dispatch Express Mail International shipments to that destination. (See Handbook T-5, International Mail Operations.)