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313 Fees

313.1 Individual Pieces

The fee for certificates of mailing for ordinary First-Class Mail International items and ordinary Priority Mail International parcels is $1.15 for pieces listed individually on PS Form 3817, Certificate of Mailing. The fee for three or more pieces individually listed on PS Form 3877, Firm Mailing Book, or an approved customer-provided manifest is $0.42 per piece. Each additional copy of PS Form 3817 or firm mailing bills is available for $1.15.

313.2 Bulk Pieces

PS Form 3606, Certificate of Bulk Mailing, is used to specify the total number of identical pieces of ordinary First-Class Mail International that are paid for with regular postage stamps, precanceled stamps, or meter stamps. The following certificate of mailing fees apply:


Up to 1,000 pieces


Each additional 1,000 pieces or fraction


Duplicate copy