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312 Availability

312.1 At Time of Purchase

Customers may purchase a certificate of mailing when sending the following:

  1. Postcards.
  2. Unregistered First-Class Mail International items.
  3. Free matter for the blind.
  4. Priority Mail International flat-rate envelopes or small flat-rate boxes.
  5. Ordinary (uninsured) Priority Mail International parcels including regular/medium and large flat-rate boxes.
  6. Airmail M-bags.

312.2 After Mailing (Additional Criteria)

To obtain an additional certificate after mailing, the mailer must present the original certificate and an additional certificate endorsed “Duplicate” or a copy showing the original dates of mailing. The additional certificate must be postmarked to show the current date. A certificate of mailing cannot be obtained in combination with Registered Mail items, insured parcels, or bulk mailings of 200 pieces or more that bear a permit imprint.