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9 Inquiries, Indemnities, and Refunds

9 Inquiries, Indemnities, and Refunds

910 Reports Encouraged

920 Inquiries and Claims

921 Inquiry Described

921.1 General

921.2 Who Can Initiate

922 Filing Inquiries

922.1 Waiting Period and Time Limits

922.2 Global Express Mail (EMS) Inquiry Procedures

922.3 Transmitting Inquiries

923 Claim Described

924 Initiation of Claims

924.1 Registered Letter-post Mail and Insured and Ordinary Parcel Post

924.2 Global Express Mail (EMS) Shipments

925 Required Documentation

925.1 Evidence of Insurance

925.2 Evidence of Value

926 Disposition of Damaged Mail

927 Inquiry Charges

927.1 When Applicable

927.2 Telegraph Inquiries

928 Processing Inquiries

928.1 General Procedures

928.2 Mail Exchanged With All Countries

930 Indemnity Payments

931 Adjudication and Approval

931.1 When to Be Instituted

931.2 International Claims

931.3 Appeals

932 General Exceptions to Payment - Registered Letter-post Mail, Insured Parcel Post, and Ordinary Parcel Post

933 Payments for Insured Parcel Post and Ordinary Parcel Post

933.1 General Provisions

933.2 Special Provisions

934 Payments for Registered Mail

934.1 General Provisions

934.2 Special Provisions

935 Payments for Global Express Mail

935.1 When Authorized

935.2 When Prohibited

940 Postage Refunds

941 Postage Refunds for Letter-post and Parcel Post

941.1 General

941.2 Applications by Senders

941.3 Processing Refund Applications

942 Postage Refunds for Global Express Mail Items

942.1 Who May File

942.2 Conditions

942.3 Applications by Senders

942.4 Processing of Refund

942.5 Unallowable Refunds - EMS With No Service Guarantee

943 Processing Refund Applications

943.1 Items Originating in the United States

943.2 Items Originating in a Country Other Than the United States

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