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7 Treatment of Inbound Mail

7 Treatment of Inbound Mail

710 U.S. Customs Information

711 Customs Examination of Mail Believed to Contain Dutiable or Prohibited Articles

711.1 What Is Subject to Examination

711.2 Treatment of Mail Believed to Contain Dutiable or Prohibited Articles

711.3 Examination of Registered Mail and Sealed Letters

711.4 Extraction of Samples for Advisory Information

711.5 Treatment of Mail Following Customs Examination

711.6 Handling Subsequent to Customs Inspection

712 Customs Clearance and Delivery Fee

712.1 Description

712.2 Articles Exempted From Postal Service Fee

712.3 Amount of Postal Service Fee

712.4 Postal Service Fee Not Refundable

712.5 Customs Duties and Customs Fee Not Exempt

713 Treatment of Dutiable Mail at Delivery Office

713.1 Detection and Dispatch of Dutiable Mail

713.2 Delivery of Dutiable Mail

713.3 Forwarding or Returning Dutiable Mail

713.4 Payment of Duty

713.5 Treatment of Uncollected Items

713.6 Refund of Customs Duty

720 Plant and Animal Quarantine Inspection

721 What Is Subject to Inspection

722 Segregation and Handling

722.1 Treatment of Packages Labeled for Inspection

722.2 Treatment of Packages Exempt From Inspection

722.3 Treatment of Unauthorized Importations

722.4 Packages Containing Prohibited Material

723 Agriculture Inspection Stations and Offices

730 Shortpaid Mail to the United States

731 Computation of Postage Due

732 Shortpaid Letters and Cards From Canada

733 Shortpaid Items Bearing U.S. Postage

740 Irregular Mail

741 Invalid Foreign Postage

742 Stamps Not Affixed

742.1 Marking

742.2 Parcels Without Postage Stamps

743 Parcels Addressed Through Banks or Other Organizations

743.1 Notification of Arrival

743.2 Filing Authorization

744 Foreign Dispatch Notes

744.1 Delivery Instructions

744.2 Undeliverable Parcels

744.3 Dispatch Notes Not Associated With Parcels

750 Special Services

751 Insured Parcels

751.1 Identification

751.2 Delivery

751.3 Indemnity Claims and Payments

752 Registered Mail

752.1 Identification

752.2 Treatment by Office of Delivery

753 Return Receipt

753.1 Completion of Return Receipt Form

753.2 Foreign Receipt Form Missing

754 Restricted Delivery

754.1 Inbound Registered Mail

754.2 Failed Delivery Attempt

755 Recorded Delivery

755.1 Identification

755.2 Inquiries

760 Forwarding

761 General Procedures

761.1 Items Addressed to Foreign Countries

761.2 Forwarding to a Third Country

761.3 Endorsement Not to Forward

761.4 Scanning Procedures

762 Mail of Domestic Origin

762.1 Addressee Moved to Another Country

762.2 Undeliverable Domestic Mail Bearing U.S. Postage and a Foreign Return Address

763 Items Mailed Aboard Ships (Paquebot)

763.1 General

763.2 Mail Forwarded by Air

763.3 Mail Posted on a U.S. Ship

763.4 Forwarding Ship Passenger and Crew Mail

764 Mail of Foreign Origin

764.1 Forwarding Within the United States

764.2 Forwarding to Another Country

764.3 Backstamping

765 Directory Service

766 Retention Period

766.1 General Procedure

766.2 Exceptions

770 Undeliverable Mail

771 Mail of Domestic Origin

771.1 General Procedure

771.2 Exceptions

771.3 Endorsements

771.4 Remailing of Returned Mail

771.5 Return Charges for Letter-Post Mail

771.6 Return Charges for Parcel Post

771.7 Handling of Returned Parcels

772 Mail of Foreign Origin

772.1 Marking

772.2 Dutiable Mail

772.3 Disposal

780 Items Mailed Abroad by or on Behalf of Senders in the United States

781 Postage Payment Required

782 Definition of Terms

782.1 Resident

782.2 By or on Behalf

782.3 Place of Business

782.4 Agent

783 Advance Payment Required

783.1 Sample Mailpiece

783.2 Headquarters Notification

784 Advance Payment Not Made

784.1 Return or Disposal of Items

784.2 Mailings Without Advance Payment

785 Report of Mailings

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