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740 Irregular Mail

741 Invalid Foreign Postage

A foreign originating mailpiece, which bears invalid postage and is accompanied by a letter of explanation from the origin postal administration, is to be rated as an unpaid postal item. Under those circumstances, the addressee should be asked to (1) pay the requisite postage due; (2) disclose the sender's name and address; and (3) surrender the envelope. After the mailpiece has been tendered to the addressee, the delivery Post Office facility should send the envelope (or the entire article, if refused by the addressee) with the letter of explanation and the sender's name and address (if disclosed by the addressee) to:

WASHINGTON DC 20260-3216

742 Stamps Not Affixed

742.1 Marking

Some items of foreign origin do not bear postage stamps, but instead are marked "POSTAGE PAID," "ON POSTAL SERVICE," "SERVICE DES POSTES," "TAXE PERCUE" or "TP," or "PORT PAYE" or "PP," followed by postmark. The marking On Her Majesty's Service or O.H.M.S. is also sometimes used. Treat this mail as prepaid.

742.2 Parcels Without Postage Stamps

Some foreign post offices do not put postage stamps on parcels. All such parcels received must be regarded as prepaid.

743 Parcels Addressed Through Banks or Other Organizations

743.1 Notification of Arrival

If a parcel is addressed to a bank or other organization for delivery to a second addressee, the Post Office facility will notify both addressees of the arrival of the parcel and will then deliver it to the first addressee, or hold it if the first addressee so requests. If the parcel is held, the Post Office facility will deliver it to the second address only with written permission from the first addressee, unless the sender has arranged for a change of address. If delivery to the second addressee involves forwarding the parcel to another Post Office facility, the parcel will be subject to forwarding postage as provided in 764.13. In all cases, electronic record management sites will scan/enter the mailpiece barcode and enter the corresponding event code in the handheld scanner.

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743.2 Filing Authorization

After delivery to the second addressee, the Post Office facility will keep the first addressee's written authorization for 1 year, in case of inquiry. Authorizations will be filed as follows:

a. For insured parcels: with addressees' receipts.

b. For uninsured parcels: in any appropriate place.

744 Foreign Dispatch Notes

744.1 Delivery Instructions

If parcels are received at delivery offices with dispatch notes (bulletin d'expedition) attached, deliver these notes with the parcels. Although dispatch notes have a space provided for the addressee's acknowledgment of receipt, they do not require signature. They must not be confused with foreign return receipts (avis de reception), which are completed as prescribed in 753.1.

744.2 Undeliverable Parcels

If a parcel is returned as undeliverable, the Post Office facility will mark the dispatch note as well as the wrapper to show the reason for nondelivery and leave the dispatch note attached to the parcel.

744.3 Dispatch Notes Not Associated With Parcels

Dispatch notes that cannot be associated with accompanying parcels may be disposed of as waste.

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