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530 Commodities and Technical Data

531 Scope and Applicability of Licensing Requirements

531.1 Office of Export Administration

The Office of Export Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, controls all exportations except for certain commodities and technical data licensed for export by other U.S. government agencies; however, most commodities and technical data exported to Canada are not controlled.

531.2 Compliance With Regulations

Senders must understand and comply with these regulations when exporting commodities and technical data by mail. Postal Service employees will not advise prospective mailers of the type of license applicable to any commodities or to any destination. However, before accepting packages, employees should ensure that senders have complied with applicable regulations.

531.3 Summary of Regulations

A brief summary of the regulations as they apply to mail shipments is provided in this subchapter. Additional information is available to senders from the following sources:

a. Commerce Department bulletin titled Exports By Mail - Export License Requirements for Exports by Mail.

WASHINGTON DC 20230-0001

or telephone 1-202-482-4811, or any district office of that department. A list of district offices is included in the Exports by Mail bulletin cited in 531.3a.

c. Export Administration Regulations, 115 CFR Parts 368-399.

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532 General Export Licenses

532.1 Description

532.11 Purpose of General Export Licenses

A general export license (as opposed to a validated export license described in 533.1) authorizes exports without application by the exporter to the Office of Export Administration. Each general license is designated by a symbol, such as G-DEST, GLV, GIFT, GUS, etc. This section describes certain general licenses used for mail shipments. Further information can be obtained as provided in 531.3.

532.12 General License GIFT
532.121 Definition

This license covers gift packages mailed by or on behalf of an individual to an individual addressee for the personal use of the addressee or the addressee's family, or to a religious, charitable, or educational organization. The contents are limited to items usually sent as gifts, such as food, civilian clothing, medicines, and drugs.

532.122 Value of Contents

The value of the contents of a gift package is limited to $200.

532.123 Number of Gift Packages

Not more than one gift package may be mailed per week by the same sender to one addressee.

532.13 General License G-DEST and GLV
532.131 G-Dest

General License G-DEST may be used for any shipment, regardless of quantity, unless the Commerce Department's Commodity Control List (part 399.1 of the Export Administration Regulations) indicates that a validated export license is required.

532.132 GLV

General License GLV may be used for certain types of small-value shipments to which G-DEST does not apply. Except for Romania, to which commodities may be shipped up to the dealer value limits specified on the Commodity Control List, General License GLV may not be used for destinations named in Exhibit 532.2.

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532.14 General Licenses GTDA and GTDR

Some technical data may be exported under general licenses GTDA and GTDR.

532.15 General License GUS

This license is used for shipments to U.S. government agencies and personnel, under prescribed conditions.

532.16 General License BAGGAGE

This license is used to mail unaccompanied baggage of travelers, consisting of personal and household effects not intended for sale, under conditions and limitations established in Commerce Department Export Administration Regulations.

532.2 Restricted Destinations of General Export Licenses

The U.S. Department of Commerce imposes particular restrictions on exports to certain countries. An "X" in Exhibit 532.2 indicates shipments under that license are not permitted. Otherwise, use of the general license symbol is permitted.

Exhibit 532.2

General License Symbols Not Permitted

Note: When in doubt as to whether specific items are exportable under any general license, consult the Office of Export Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C. 20230-0001, or any Commerce Department district office.
Destination G-DEST GLV GTDR
Albania - X -
Bulgaria - X -
Cambodia * X ** X X
China - X -
Cuba * X ** - X
Czech Republic - X -
Estonia - X -
Hungary - X -
Laos - X -
Latvia - X -
Lithuania - X -
Mongolia - X -
North Korea * X ** X X
Poland - X -
Romania - X *** -
Russia - X -
Slovak Republic (Slovakia) - X -
Vietnam X ** X X

* Letter post and parcel post packages of merchandise are not accepted to Cambodia, Cuba, and Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North).

** For Cambodia, Cuba, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North), and Vietnam, General License G-DEST may be used only for unclassified printed matter and developed motion picture film. All other commodities require a special license, and it is the Commerce Department's general policy to deny most special license requests for exports to the countries listed in this footnote.

*** Certain commodities may be shipped to Romania under General License GLV, up to the dollar-value limits specified on the "Commodity Control List" (part 339.1 of the Export Administration Regulations).

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532.3 Shipper's Export Declaration Required

532.31 Commerce Form 7525-V, Shippers Export Declaration

A Shipper's Export Declaration, Commerce Form 7525-V (see 520), is required for commercial shipments valued at more than $500 unless otherwise excepted by the Commerce Department Export Administration Regulations (see 522.2).

532.32 Noncommercial Exports

Noncommercial exports under general license do not require an export declaration.

532.4 Mailing Under General Export Licenses

532.41 Marking by Sender
532.411 Sender's Responsibility

When a sender finds that the contents of his or her package are properly exportable under any general license except GTDA and GTDR (technical data) (see 532.14), he or she must mark the wrapper with the appropriate symbol and with the words "EXPORT LICENSE NOT REQUIRED" before presenting it at the Post Office facility. The Postal Service clerk may accept any package so marked unless the symbol obviously is being misused. The marking constitutes a representation that the sender has complied with the regulations governing the use of the general license denoted by the symbol.

532.412 When Marking Is Not Required

No marking is required on wrappers of packages containing technical data mailed under General Licenses GTDA and GTDR.

532.42 Processing in Post Office Facilities
532.421 Examination of List of Contents

If a general license symbol with the notation "EXPORT LICENSE NOT REQUIRED" is shown on the package, compare the contents as shown on the customs declarations (see 123) with the commodities listed on the Shipper's Export Declaration, when required (see 532.3).

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532.422 No Discrepancy

If no discrepancy is noted, and the contents of the package are mailable and are not prohibited by the country of destination, accept the package and the export declaration (if required) from the sender. Postmark the export declaration and dispose of it as instructed in 525.

532.423 GTDA or GTDR

In the case of mailings of certain technical data (GTDA or GTDR), where no symbols on the wrapper and no export declarations are required (see 532.3), determine orally from the sender that the export is properly authorized under General License GTDA or GTDR.

533 Validated Export Licenses

533.1 Definition

A validated export license is a document issued by the Office of Export Administration, authorizing a specific export pursuant to an application by the exporter. Further information can be obtained from the sources referenced in 531.3.

533.2 Shipper's Export Declaration Required

A Shipper's Export Declaration, Commerce Form 7525-V (see 520) is required for every shipment covered by a validated export license, except technical data.

533.3 Mailing Under Validated Export Licenses

533.31 Marking and Disposition by Sender
533.311 Validated License Number

When shipping under a validated export license, the sender must enter the complete validated license number on the address side of the wrapper and also on a duly executed Shipper's Export Declaration (see 533.2) covering the commodity to be mailed.

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533.312 Record of All Shipments

The validated license document will be retained by the sender, who will record all shipments of commodities or related technical data on the reverse side.

533.32 Processing in Post Office Facilities
533.321 Commodities Other Than Technical Data

For items containing commodities other than technical data that show a validated license number, verify that the description of the contents appearing on the customs declaration (see 123) conforms to the description on the Shipper's Export Declaration.

533.322 No Discrepancy

If no discrepancy is noted and the contents of the item are mailable and are not prohibited by the country of destination, accept the item, postmark the export declaration (if required), and dispatch in accordance with 525.

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