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340 Return Receipt

341 Description

PS Form 2865 Return Receipt for International Mail (Avis de Reception) is a pink card that is attached to a registered or insured item and to Global Express Mail to certain countries (see 221.4) at the time of mailing and which is removed and signed at the point of delivery and returned to sender. It provides the sender with evidence of delivery. Return receipts are completed in the country of destination in accordance with its internal regulations which may not require the addressee's signature except under special circumstances. These receipts are returned to sender by airmail.

342 Availability

Return receipts can be purchased only at the time of mailing and are available only for registered insured or recorded delivery mail. Return receipts are available to a limited number of countries for Global Express Mail (see 221.4). A few countries do not admit return receipts and many restrict them to registered mail. See Individual Country Listings.

343 Fee

The fee for a return receipt is $1.85. This fee must be paid in addition to postage and other applicable charges. Return receipt service is available at no additional charge for Global Express Mail to certain countries.

Note: Include the weight of the return receipt when determining the postage for mailing the item.

344 Processing Requests

344.1 Form

344.11 Sender's Responsibility

Sender must record return address on the return receipt.

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344.12 Accepting Clerk's Responsibility

Accepting clerk must:

a. Record return receipt fee on insured or registered mailing receipt.

b. Record address of addressee on return receipt.

c. Attach return receipt to item.

d. Affix and cancel postage equal to the sum of the return receipt fee postage and other applicable fees.

344.2 Marking

Accepting clerk must mark address side of item either "AVIS DE RECEPTION" or "A."

344.3 Confirmation of Delivery After Mailing

A sender may request confirmation of delivery for registered or insured mail within 1 year after mailing by presenting the mailing receipt and filing an inquiry (see 922.1).

344.4 Return Receipt Improperly Completed or Not Received

If the sender pays for but does not receive a return receipt, or receives an improperly completed return receipt, the sender may request a refund of the return receipt fee at the Post Office where the service was purchased by presenting the mailing receipt.

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