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October 17

October 17, 2005

October DMM Available Online

The October DMM is available today on Postal Explorer ( Our update includes the following changes:

Labeling Lists
We revised labeling lists L001, L007, L009, and L606 to reflect changes in mail processing operations.

Check the Summary of Changes for a complete listing of DMM updates since the January printing.

Parcel Return Service Case Filed

Over the last two years we have offered Parcel Return Service (PRS) as an experiment. Today we submitted a request to the Postal Rate Commission (PRC) to make Parcel Return Service a permanent service.

Details are available on the PRC Web site at Open “Contents,” then “Pending Cases & Matters,” then “MC2006-1.”

Extreme Makeover — CSR Edition

A new, interactive Customer Support Ruling (CSR) tool is available on Postal Explorer. Just click on “Customer Support Rulings” under the Domestic Mail heading on the home page.

The new tool lets you search all rulings by keyword and easily sort by:

  • date,

  • number,

  • title,

  • subject, or

  • DMM reference.

You can change the display with a click of the mouse to show the CSR title and summary or just the title. The new tool also provides a link to the district manager of business mail entry so you can discuss specific questions.

CSRs provide examples of mailpieces and an analysis of how our mailing standards apply. The new CSR tool is one more step in our effort to make mailing standards more accessible and easy to understand for customers and employees.

October eMIR Bundle Breakage Blitz

The Postal Service used the Electronic Mail Improvement Reporting (eMIR) process last June and August to focus on bundle breakage in a selected group of sites around the country. Beginning Monday, October 17, USPS will conduct another national “eMIR Bundle Breakage Blitz” over a two-week period.

The objective is to collect comprehensive data on bundle breakage in all plants and bulk mail centers. USPS will use the data to identify systemic problems with bundle breakage and follow up with individual mail owners and preparers to reduce the frequency and the impact of bundle breakage during the fall mailing season.

The results will be discussed at the November Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) meeting.

Direct any questions via email to Bob Fisher (, Manager, Service Performance or Marc McCrery (, Manager, Operations Requirements and Integration.