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October 3

October 3, 2005

Second September DMM Update on Postal Explorer

We update the DMM online concurrent with the first Postal Bulletin of every month, and occasionally we publish a second update to capture additional changes to mailing standards.

We made the following changes in a second update, available today on Postal Explorer (

We revised 503.4.0 and 609.1.3 to increase the maximum value of indemnity for insurance purchased online from $200 to $500. Online insurance can be purchased using Click-N-Ship and eBay and at our Automated Postal Centers (APCs).

New "Hold For Pickup" Endorsement
We added a new "Hold For Pickup" endorsement in 455.4.6, 508.1.2, and 709.5.0. This endorsement is for mailers who send high-value or heavy-weight merchandise, such as computers. The endorsement indicates that the mailer's customer (the addressee) will pick up the parcel at a designated post office and is available for authorized mailers who enter Parcel Select DDU parcels under a manifest mailing agreement.

New Multi Carrier Routes Bundle for Standard Mail Flats
Mailers now have the option in 345.6.0 to consolidate small (1-inch thick or less) carrier route bundles of Enhanced Carrier Route Standard Mail basic rate (ECRLOT) into a (single) multi carrier routes 5-digit bundle. This option will improve the bundle integrity for flats (otherwise prepared) in small individual carrier route bundles.

FASTforward Mailing List Correction (MLC)
We replaced FASTforward MLC with NCOALINK. NCOALINK is software-based and can be loaded onto a user's own system, making it more efficient and user-friendly. We made this change in and 333.3.5.2.  See the related article in the May-August 2005 Mailers Companion.

Department of State Mail
We revised 507.2.1 and 703.3.0 to update the standards for mail addressed to the Department of State for transmission abroad and for change-of-address orders concerning Department of State mail.

Postage Meters and PC Postage Products
We reorganized and updated the standards for postage meters and PC Postage products in 604.4.0.

Check the Summary of Changes for a complete listing of DMM updates since the January printing. You will find revisions listed by effective date and also by chapter, with clickable links to revised sections. Our next scheduled update is October 13.