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July 6

July 6, 2006 Updated


We’ve updated and redesigned our Web page at to add summaries and frequently asked questions for all classes of mail. For example, click on First-Class Mail and you will find the First-Class Mail summary, with links to frequently asked questions and side-by-side price comparisons. Let us know what you think.


July DMM Update


You can count on Postal Explorer ( for up-to-date prices and mailing standards in the DMM. The DMM is fully searchable and includes fly-out menus and cross-reference links for easy navigation. Today we made the following changes:


New Preparation Option for Parcel Select and Bound Printed Matter
Mailers have a new option to drop ship Parcel Select and Bound Printed Matter machinable parcels to certain 5-digit ZIP Codes prepared on 3-digit pallets or in 3-digit pallet boxes when entered at designated sectional center facilities. This option provides additional workshare opportunities and improves total time-in-transit. We revised 456.2.0 and 466.3.0 and added new labeling list L607 to reflect this change.


Periodicals Mixed ADC Preparation
We revised the standards for Periodicals mail prepared in mixed area distribution center (ADC) bundles and sacks. The optional mixed ADC separation is now mandatory. The new standards in chapters 705 and 707 allow a portion of Periodicals mail to be processed with First-Class Mail, improving service without increasing our processing costs. Mailers continue to have the option to place Automated Flat Sorting Machine 100-compatible mailpieces in ADC and mixed ADC flats trays with lids. You can also read about this change in the November/December 2005 Mailers Companion.


Bound Printed Matter Markings
We revised
402.2.0 and 708.7.0 to require a new marking on Bound Printed Matter (BPM) machinable parcels consisting of multiple pieces secured with transparent shrinkwrap. The new marking will enable our automated equipment to recognize that these parcels are intended for a single address. This requirement does not apply to BPM flats or irregular parcels.


DBMC Mailings for ZIP Code 880
Mailers must prepare destination bulk mail center (DBMC) mailings for 3-digit ZIP Code 880 in containers for Dallas, Texas and enter that mail at the Dallas bulk mail center instead of the Albuquerque auxiliary service facility. We revised the BMC/ASF Service Areas exhibits throughout the DMM to reflect this change.


Check the Summary of Changes for a complete listing of updates. You will find revisions listed by effective date and also by chapter, with clickable links to revised sections.


Our next update is scheduled for August 3