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June 16, 2005

DMM June Update


We update the online DMM each month, and it is always your most current source for mailing standards, features, and rates. It is available to everyone on Postal Explorer at The Summary of Changes lists each revision to the DMM since the last printing in January 2005.


In addition to the June revisions, which are listed below, we added several new enhancements to the online system. You will notice new fly-out menus for the 500 and 600 sections, with expanded menu choices. For instance, the Extra Services menu in the 500 section now lists each service for one-click access. You can navigate directly to Registered Mail or any other Extra Service. We also added a new “Printer-Friendly PDF” button to each chapter to make it easier to print one page or a range of pages from the book.


We made the following changes to our mailing standards for the June update. Check the Summary of Changes for complete information and clickable links to each section.


Standard Mail Eligibility

We clarified the circumstances in which mail containing "personal" information may be eligible as Standard Mail and when it is required to be mailed as First-Class Mail. The following chapters were revised: 113, 123, and 133 for retail mail; 233 and 243 for discount letters and cards; 333 and 343 for discount flats; and 433 and 443 for discount parcels.


Experimental Classifications

We clarified the required frequency of pickup for Parcel Return Services (PRS) mail and added new PRS label elements and examples. PRS pieces will no longer be addressed for delivery at specific return delivery units but will instead contain a unique ZIP Code that allows local units to determine the proper handling of the mailpieces. We updated chapter 709, Experimental Classifications and Rates, to reflect this change.


Mail Preparation and Deposit

Mailers may now enter unsacked bundles of Standard Mail Enhanced Carrier Route (ECR) flats at destination delivery units (DDUs). The following chapters were revised: 343 and 345. We also revised 346 to add standards for maintaining separation of mail when unloading unsacked mailings at DDUs, and we have reworded portions of 346, 365, 366, 465, 466, and 707 concerning unsacked bundles of Bound Printed Matter flats, irregular parcels, and nonletter-size Periodicals for clarity and consistency.


We revised chapter 707 to specify when mailers may claim destination sectional center facility (DSCF) rates for nonletter-size Periodicals mail in 5-digit bundles they are depositing at a DDU.


Labeling Lists

We revised labeling lists L001, L004, L007, L008, L606, and L801 to reflect changes in mail processing operations.