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DMM Advisory 3/15/2005

March 17, 2005

PCSC Update - Making Headlines!


The formation of the Pricing and Classification Service Center (PCSC) and its roles and responsibilities has been getting some great press lately! Favorable articles about the PCSC have appeared in recent issues of DM News (February 17), the PostCom Bulletin (February 18) and the Business Mailers Review (February 28). The articles outline some of the steps Pricing and Classification is taking to enhance the quality and consistency of the application of our mailing standards, including the new division in the PCSC that will provide mailers a voluntary option to receive decisions on mailpiece design, preparation and rate eligibility on proposed mailings before they are deposited at the Business Mail Entry Unit.


This voluntary national program is especially suited for mailers who generate multiple types of mailpieces and enter mail at multiple USPS locations. The decisions issued by the PCSC will be applicable at all USPS locations, eliminating the need for a customer to interact with multiple entry points. Customers who mail in one location and have established relationship with local Business Mail Acceptance (BMA) offices may continue to submit inquiries to their local BMA contacts.


Additional information about the Pricing and Classification Service Center, and this new voluntary national program can be found on Postal Explorer ( Simply click on the link on the left navigation bar for the Pricing and Classification Service Center. 


In addition, a business session at the National Postal Forum in Nashville will outline the roles and responsibilities of the PCSC and this new, voluntary program. The session, Understanding the Pricing and Classification Service Center, will be offered twice, once on Monday at 4 PM and then on Wednesday at 2 PM. If you are attending the Forum, please consider attending this session to learn more about the exciting changes at the PCSC.


The formation of the PCSC is just one of several steps the Pricing and Classification group is taking to improve the overall consistent application of mailing standards.  Other efforts include the recent redesign of the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM), revisions to certain mailing standards, such as the June 1 Standard Mail clarification, and improvements in the means for communicating new mailing standards and policies, such as this DMM Advisory!