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March 2

March 2, 2006


Upcoming Mail Preparation Changes


Several mail preparation changes are on the horizon. We summarize these changes in the table below, and we will incorporate them into the DMM when they are effective. The DMM and other mailing tools are available on the Postal Explorer Web site at



Shape of Mail

Effective Date

Class of Mail

Mail Preparation Change


Irregular Parcels

April 30, 2006

First-Class Mail

Standard Mail

Bound Printed Matter

Media Mail

Library Mail


Mailers must use two bands to secure all bundles of presorted flat-size mail and irregular parcels when those bundles are not shrinkwrapped. See the March 2, 2006, Postal Bulletin for details.

May 11, 2006

Standard Mail

Package Services


We provide new preparation requirements for bundles of flats and irregular parcels on pallets. See the January 5, 2006, Postal Bulletin for details.

Standard Mail

Package Services


Mailers have a new option to reallocate bundles of flats and irregular parcels on pallets to protect an ADC pallet. See the December 22, 2005, Postal Bulletin for details.


Mailers must put a minimum of 24 pieces in most sacks, and we provide two new types of sacks. See the January 19, 2006, Postal Bulletin for details.


Mailers Companion — Keeping You Informed for 10 Years


Can you believe it — we published the first Mailers Companion in January 1996! Back then it was called “The Mailroom Companion.” Our title and look have changed over the years, but here we are 10 years later, still pumping out valuable information to help you grow your business and stretch your mailing dollar.

Mailers Companion is available online at Check it out!