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DMM Advisory 2/10/2005

February 10, 2005

The Postal Service has issued another revised Customer Support Ruling (CSR), PS-159, in a series of new and revised CSRs that will assist in understanding the use of “personal information” in Standard Mail matter.  This CSR provides a clear example as to whether the mailing meets the test for including personal information in Standard Mail or is required to be mailed as First-Class Mail.

Here are the most recent changes and updates to the Domestic Mail Manual, organized by topic:


In A030.1.4, A910.6.1, A950.1.3, and G912.2.1, new terminology changes “National Change of Address” to “National Change of Address Linkage System” and “NCOA” to “NCOALINK.”


We've revised E650 to change the standards for labeling bundles and sacks of flats (except First-Class Mail) and certain irregular parcels sorted to the mixed area distribution center (ADC) level.

E670.5.11 reflects an increase from $8.20 to $8.30 for low-cost products mailable at Nonprofit Standard Mail rates.

E710.1.0 provides a limited exception to the general prohibition against mailing copies of authorized and pending Periodicals publications at Package Service rates. This provision allows Periodicals publications to be included with merchandise mailed at Parcel Post or Bound Printed Matter rates. This change does not affect any eligibility standards (e.g., circulation requirements) for Periodicals rates.

We've corrected E751.Exhibit 8.0, deleting six ZIP Codes.

Labeling Lists

New labeling list L009 consolidates the processing of the relatively low volume of mail at the mixed ADC level. We've moved L802 and L803 to the general use sections and renumbered them as L010 and L011.

L001, L007, and L606 are revised to reflect changes in mail processing operations.

Mail Preparation and Sortation

In the M module, we’ve updated a number of units to change the standards for labeling bundles and sacks of flats (except First-Class Mail) and certain irregular parcels sorted to the mixed area distribution center (ADC) level. Affected units include M013, M045, M210, M610, M722, M730, M740, M810, M820, M910, M920, M930, and M940.

In M930.1.4 and M940.1.4, we've clarified that, for purposes of calculating the 5% threshold, firm bundles (regardless of the rate claimed) are added together with the number of addressed pieces in carrier route bundles.

Special Services

We've updated S919 to reflect the elimination of the signature waiver option for Signature Confirmation service.