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December 10

December 10, 2010


IMb™ Services Update


eDoc Submission for the January 2, 2011 PostalOne! Release 26: In this release, the PostalOne!® system will support the new Mail.dat® version 11-1 and Mail.XML® version 9.0B for electronic documentation.


PostalOne! will retire support of Mail.dat version 08-2 but will continue to support Mail.dat 09-1 and Mail.XML versions 7.0C and 8.0B in this release. Mailers will not be able to submit the new file versions (Mail.dat 11-1 and Mail.XML 9.0B) prior to the January 2, 2011, Shipping Services price change. Customers who wish to submit Mail.dat and Mail.XML files before January 2 — for mailings scheduled to occur after the price change — have the following options:


  • Prior to January 2, submit hardcopy postage statements (or daily log of mailings) and supporting documentation (hardcopy or an electronic format accessible to USPS® employees). BMEU/DMU will keep a Records of Mailing log for these mailings. 
  • Submit the correct eDoc (Mail.dat or Mail.XML) on or immediately after January 2, 2011.


  • Submit eDoc in existing file formats (Mail.XML 8.0B and Mail.dat 9-1) for existing products/services. The PostalOne! system will calculate initial postage based upon current prices. 
  • After the January 2 release, the BMEU/DMU will finalize the postage statement and PostalOne! will recalculate the correct postage. 


Mailers should advise their BMEU/DMU of their intent to use either of these options, which will be available from December 19th to January 1st.


Details are on the RIBBS® website in PostalOne! Release Notes 26.0.0 Implementation 01-02-2011 Section 1.2.2.