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November 6

November 6, 2008


November DMM Update


Postal Explorer ( is your complete source for domestic mailing standards. The electronic Domestic Mail Manual is fully searchable and features fly-out menus, cross-reference links, and an extensive subject index. Today we made the following updates:


First-Class Mail Parcel Definition

We clarified the standards for First-Class Mail parcels in 101.6.0 and 401.2.0. Mailpieces are classified as parcels, and pay parcel prices, when they exceed any of the maximum dimensions for a flat, or when they are flat-size but are rigid, nonrectangular, or not uniformly thick. In addition, any First-Class Mail item that is rigid and over 1/4-inch thick is a parcel.


Optional Container Preparation for First-Class Mail

We added 235.1.5, 345.1.5, 705.8.10.1 and revised 705.8.6.5 to add new standards for mailers preparing First-Class Mail letters and flats on pallets or in other approved containers. We encourage mailers to follow these guidelines when they have sufficient First-Class Mail volumes, to ensure efficient processing and transportation.


New Endorsement for Express Mail

In 413.4.2.1 and 413.4.3.1 we added a new "Guaranteed by End of Day" endorsement for Express Mail Corporate Account customers who have an approved customer agreement. The new endorsement allows carriers to deliver Express Mail during regular delivery, without the need for special Express Mail delivery trips or route deviations.


Express Mail Manifesting

We revised 705.2.6.2 to allow manifesting for Express Mail Military Service and Express Mail Custom Designed service. Manifesting allows mailers to document and pay postage for all pieces in a mailing by transmitting an electronic file to the USPS.


Refunds for Unused Postage in Meters and PC Postage Accounts

We revised 604.9.0 to establish a $25 minimum for refunds of unused postage in postage meters and PC Postage accounts. We also provide new timeframes and refund procedures.

Our next scheduled DMM update is December 4.