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October 10
October 10, 2007


Temporary Mail Forwarding Policy


We published a final rule in today’s Federal Register [HTML | [PDF] concerning the duration and submission of temporary change-of-address orders. The minimum duration for a temporary change-of-address is 15 days, with 185 days as the maximum. The maximum for an additional temporary change-of-address is 179 days. 


This change does not reduce the maximum time for which customers can obtain temporary change-of-address service, which remains up to one year. The change requires customers to submit a second request only if they need the service for more than six months.


The new standards are effective October 10, 2007.

New Address Standards for Presorted, Carrier Route, and Automation Rate Letters and Flats


We published two notices for comment in today’s Federal Register proposing new address standards for letters and flats mailed at presorted, carrier route, and automation rates. For flats [HTML | [PDF], our proposal includes new address placement and formatting requirements, and an 11-digit POSTNET barcode or Intelligent Mail barcode must be used on all automation-rate pieces. For letters [HTML | [PDF], we propose new address type size and spacing requirements.


Single-piece letters and flats mailed at retail rates are not affected by either proposal.


We encourage mailers to review and comment before December 10, 2007.



New Standards for Express Mail Corporate Accounts


We published a notice for comment in today’s Federal Register [HTML | [PDF] proposing to add Automated Clearing House debit as a new method of payment for Express Mail Corporate Account (EMCA) customers. Under our proposal, cash and check deposits would be eliminated and EMCA customers would have three options to fund their accounts: participate in the Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS); use a personal or business credit or debit card; or authorize the USPS to originate an Automated Clearing House debit from a specified bank account. 


We encourage mailers to review and comment before November 9, 2007.