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September 13
September 13, 2007


September DMM Update


Postal Explorer ( is your source for up-to-date mailing standards. The Domestic Mail Manual is fully searchable on Postal Explorer and features fly-out menus, cross-reference links, and an extensive subject index. Today we updated our mailing standards to capture the following changes:


Updated Flexibility and Uniform Thickness Standards for Flat-Size Mail

We revised 101.2.0, 301.1.0, and 601.5.0 to clarify standards for determining flexibility and uniform thickness for flat-size mailpieces and to delete standards for using the marking “Do Not Bend.”


New Parcel Design Options

We revised 601.1.2 to allow mailers to design parcels and Not Flat-Machinable (NFM) pieces with rounded corners.


In-County and Nonprofit Periodicals Rates

We revised 707.1.1, 707.6.4.1, 707.7.9.3, 707.10.0, and 707.11.0 to allow Periodicals mailers to claim In-County and Preferred rates for requester publications, and to revise the criteria for In-County rates to include copies entered within the county of publication but delivered outside that county on a postal carrier route that crossed over the county line.


New Launch” Application Procedure for Periodicals

We revised 707.5.0 to introduce a new application procedure for publishers seeking Periodicals mailing privileges. The New Launch procedure provides an alternative process to apply for and obtain periodicals privileges under the “general” or “requester” categories.


Periodicals Optional Tray Preparation

We revised 705.9.2.5, 705.10.1.4, 707.20.4.3, 707.22.7, 707.23.4.1, and 707.25.5 to allow mailers to prepare all machinable-rate Periodicals flat-size pieces in flats trays, rather than in sacks.


Preparing Mixed ADC or Mixed AADC Letter Trays on DSCF Pallets

We revised,, 245.7.5, 246.3.4, 705.8.10.2, and L010 to provide an option for mailers to place mixed area distribution center (ADC) trays or mixed automation area distribution center (AADC) trays on destination sectional center facility (DSCF) pallets.


New Option for Mailing Shipments Approved Under DOT-SP 9275

We added 601.10.13.5 to allow shippers who are authorized under Department of Transportation Special Permit 9275 to mail shipments covered under this special permit.


Animal Fighting Accessories

We revised 601.9.3.1, 601.11.21, and 601.12.5.7 to bring mailability standards into compliance with recent amendments to the United States Code.


Electronic Service Requested
We revised 507.1.5 to introduce a new "Electronic Service Requested" endorsement that mailers may use with either traditional Address Change Service (ACS) or with OneCode ACS.


Simplified Addressing
We revised 602.3.2.1 and 602.3.2.3 to expand mailers' options when using simplified addresses. Mailers may now use simplified addresses when mailing to all boxholders or all families on rural routes or highway contract routes.


Rate Level Column Headings

We revised 708.1.3 to update the rate level column headings for automation flats.


Sortation Level Abbreviations

We revised 708.1.4 to add the “M3D” abbreviation for merged 3-digit sacks of Periodicals mail.


Our next DMM update is scheduled for October 11.