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June 16

June 16, 2011


USPS Still Accepting Mail to Canada Use GXG to Avoid Service Delays


Canada Post announced late Tuesday night that it was suspending service nationwide effective immediately and until further notice due to an ongoing strike. The Canadian government has now served notice that it will introduce a bill designed to end the current Canada Post lockout.


As a convenience for our customers, the United States Postal Service will continue to accept and process mail destined for Canada. This mail will be held within our network and we will continue to work closely with Canada Post to coordinate dispatch and acceptance once the situation is resolved.


Regardless of the duration of the Canada Post strike and lockout, USPS customers can avoid any service disruptions by sending letters and packages using our date-certain international shipping option Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) service. GXG service is available online at and at thousands of participating USPS retail locations


Additional information and updates regarding acceptance and movement of international mail is available at


We will use DMM Advisory to keep you updated.