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April 29
April 29, 2009


May 11 Pricing Change – Reminder


Our Mailing Services prices change on May 11. Highlights of the price change include:


  • The price of a First-Class Mail stamp increases 2˘, to 44˘. No changes to the additional-ounce price or the nonmachinable surcharge.
  • New options for preparing First-Class Mail automation letters and Standard Mail automation and machinable letters.
  • Aligned machinable and automation letter characteristics for First-Class Mail (commercial) and Standard Mail.
  • New Standard Mail saturation mail initiatives to encourage growth.
  • Parcel Post simplified to one price list.
  • Added a new Bronze tier for small-volume Confirm users.


Mailers may use plant-verified drop shipment (PVDS) during the price change as follows:


Current Prices — Mailers may use the current prices for PVDS mailings verified and paid before May 11. We will accept these mailings at destination entry postal facilities up to May 26 when presented with appropriate verification and payment documentation.


New Prices — Mailers may use the new prices for PVDS mailings verified and paid beginning April 13 for deposit on or after May 11. We will accept these mailings at destination entry postal facilities beginning May 11 when presented with appropriate verification and payment documentation.




We have resources and tools at to help you prepare for the mailing services pricing change. You will find many helpful materials, including the updated Price List with new prices for First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, Periodicals, Package Services, and Special Services. We’ve also posted our Federal Register notices, downloadable price files, new postage statements, links to Postal Explorer, and more.


In addition, check out our March/April MailPro [HTML] | [PDF] on for extensive information on the price change, including FAQs. We encourage everyone to review the MailPro to prepare for the pricing change.


Full-Service Intelligent Mail®


We will continue to provide updates from the Intelligent Mail team as the May 18 implementation approaches. Access the many Intelligent Mail resources and guides at