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April 27

April 27, 2007


PAVE Certification Update


Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluations (PAVE) Cycle I interim certification will be granted to all products currently being tested for a period of 30 days after the implementation date (through June 13). Certification of all Cycle H products will expire on May 14. It is important to note that PAVE Certification does not now, nor has it ever, guaranteed acceptance. It is still incumbent on the software developers to make all necessary changes for the May 14th implementation date and distribute the products to their customers.


Any product that is 'in-house' by the May 14th implementation date and was previously certified during PAVE Cycle H will be granted a 30-day interim certification which will be renewable in 30-day increments. Those products will appear on the Certified Products Listing (CPL) with the interim expiration date.


Products that are 'new' to the PAVE Certification procedures or that were not previously approved during PAVE Cycle H will not be provided an interim certification and must complete all required testing prior to being published on the CPL as PAVE-certified.


If you have questions please call 800-331-5746 and ask for the PAVE Certification group.